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    I’d like to welcome everybody to my SeeEnergySavings blog, my name is Vicky. Like everybody else,  I am being squeezed by a sluggish economy and high costs, primarily fuel costs. In my other life my husband and I own a small excavating company. If you think filling up your SUV hurts try filling up equipment, about $3,000/wk at current prices.

    Also in my “spare time” I homeschool my teenage son. It has become a mission of ours to find products, ideas, and projects to save money on fuel and also help the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

    I decided to share all these new products, and some old, with other people. Most families don’t have time to spend searching endlessly for new ideas. That’s where I come in. I search, I try and I report to you and send you to the right website. Then you decide for yourself. The best part is you don’t have to remember to keep coming back to my blog. Sign up for the free newsletter and when the blog is updated I email you!

    So thank you for exploring my blog and taking an interest in saving energy. I look forward to bringing you the best ideas and products to help you use less energy and help save the planet.

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