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    I’m back!

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    It’s hard to believe,  it’s been since July since I posted to my blog.  Sorry folks, I let life get in the way.  Other than family issues which we won’t get into I have been going to school for Environmental Technology.  Other than being one of the dreams I’ve always had, it is given me a whole insight on where this blog should go.  Instead of focusing just on energy-saving products.  I think I should do a blog that concentrates on nothing but what is on my mind at the moment.

    So for today, I want to talk about a search engine called RegoogRegoog through it is an environmentally friendly  search engine based on the Google platform.  They use a black screen, which is supposed to save 34% more energy over using a white screen.  I know this sounds inconsequential, but when you think about how many people Google everyday, every bit adds up.

    So search away and save green and have a great New Year!

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